Such fabulously engaging sensual-intellectual work is not surprising from a poet like Swensen, who often uses fragments and syntax that jars and forces new ways of seeing.  Jacket2

. . . a book-length sequence of austere and hypnotic beauty . . . Swensen’s swerving syntax and quicksilver imagery imbue each scene with lyric verve. --Publishers Weekly

Landscapes on a Train  consolidates into a profoundly thoughtful, beautiful and experimental investigation of the intricacies of life.--Lindsay Choi

The aim of this book is to change "landscape" from a noun to a verb.   WTJ Mitchell, from his introduction to Landscape and Power. Mitchell was, of course, referring to his book Landscape and Power, but it perfectly captures what this book, too, in an entirely different idiom, is trying, is hoping, to do.

   Landscapes on a Train​, Nightboat Books, fall, 2015