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c o l e   s w e n s e n

LA PRESSE: I also edit a nano-press that publishes one to three books a year of contemporary experimental French writing translated by English language writers. For more information, click

    Hervé Le Tellier:       Atlas Inutilis

Emmanuel Hocquard:      The Invention of Glass(translated with Rod Smith)

Caroline Dubois:    You Are the Business

Pascalle Monnier:    Bayart

Pierre Alferi:      Natural Gaits        OXO

Olivier Cadiot:    Fairy Queen       Colonel Zoo        Future, Former, Fugitive       Art Poetic'

Nicolas Pesquès:      Physis            Juliology           Overyellow

​​Suzanne Doppelt:    Ring Rang Wrong       The Field is Lethal        Lazy Suzie

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