"Poems Living with Paintings: Cole Swensen's Ephraskic Try"   by Lynn Keller

Unlike many poets before her who have practiced the art of ekphrasis by describing or illuminating the visual, Swensen is interested in the representation of representation, in examining not only the way the paintings make meaning, but the way language makes meaning of that meaning. --Boston Review

Cole Swensen's beautifully exact and visionary meditations on specific paintings and sculptures give the venerable art of ekphrasis a new meaning. --Marjorie Perloff 

The world fleshed forth in oil paint, from Giotto to Joseph Albers, is meticulously essayed in the mixed-genre ekphraseis of Swensen's sixth full-length collection. The very essence of Swensen's project, her daring try at a communion of flesh and canvas, word and image, art and life. --‚ÄčPublishers Weekly

Winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize, 1999
Winner of the San Francisco State Poetry Center Book Award, 2000

Try,   University of Iowa Press, 1999